2014 Honey Available

We’ve harvested and extracted the honey from 2014.  This includes well over one hundred pounds from our southern Minnesota hives, located in Racine, and nearly one hundred pounds from our small apiary in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The Racine yard is located on the north edge of the town and is surrounded by farm fields.  The flower sources for this honey includes clover, alfalfa, wild flowers in ditches, vegetable gardens and soybean fields.  This honey is light in color, and tends to crystalize easily.  Do not let the crystallization worry you, it is still a great table honey.

The Saint Paul hives are located in the southeastern corner of the city – within eyesight of the Mississippi River.  The flower sources for this honey (in no particular order) include clover, mulberry trees, raspberries & other berry plants, vegetable gardens, goldenrod & other wildflowers.  This year, it is very light in color, has great floral undertones and appears to not readily crystallize.

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